Texas Abortion Bill and Common Sense, if any

You all know the story by now: Texas woman legislator filibusters to prevent vote that would change abortion law in the state of Texas.

Which of the following did you take issue with in the law:

1. Abortions were not legal over the 20th week of pregnancy


2. This bill would have closed down all the abortion clinics in Texas save one.

If you are pro-life you supported number two over number one, if you were pro-choice you could live with number one but not number two.

Using the force of law to control human behavior is a problem. It is one thing to enact laws that punish people for acts they commit or laws that protect people from institutional harm but when one tries to use a law to control a person’s choices there is going to be a problem.

There is a moral universe that says aborting unborn children is immoral. There is also a moral universe that says it is immoral to make one carry a child to full term that one does not wish to have. And there is also the force of Law that says when one thing is acceptable and when the other is not. When the Law favors one universe over another then the law becomes immoral.

For society to exist in peace, ways must be found to live with each others morality and immorality. Legislators must find these ways, it is the responsibility they have in order to faithfully execute their offices.

In Texas, Governor Perry committed an immoral act by using the force of law to call for a special session of the Texas legislature to pass a law intended to control the behavior of others. He is a lesser person for doing this.

In Texas, state Senator Wendy Davis committed a moral act by defending her universe from the force of law that would control the behaviors of her universe. She is a greater person for doing this.

Today in America, it is two sides fighting to control your behaviors and/or the behaviors of your children. You must begin to take the side of agreement; not the side of compromise, agreement. And that agreement must be how to permit the morality and immorality of all to coexist at some level for the sake of a good society.

We talk about a national debate but there is no such thing. There is news. My million dollar idea is to support public debates on national topics. Are you in? “A National Debate of Reasonable Citizens on the Topic of…”

And Governor Perry is working on making himself a smaller man still by calling for a second special issue to take up the Texas abortion bill again.

Author: Reasonable Citizen

Reserved, inquisitive, looks before leaping, www.reasonablecitizen.com

2 thoughts on “Texas Abortion Bill and Common Sense, if any”

  1. You have to realize that for pro-life people, abortion isn’t any more an option than letting parents walk over and slit their two-year old’s throat during naptime. It’s murder, plain and simple, regardless of the age of the child, and whether it’s outside of the womb or not. Unless you’re claiming that all murders are a “moral choice” I don’t think this argument is going to make much headway (and I’m assuming that you think “controlling the behavior” of a man like Jeffrey Dahmer is a good thing).

    I’m not trying to be inflammatory, but just trying to help you understand why the pro-life camp isn’t willing to “agree to disagree”.

    1. And your position is valid for pro-life people and invalid for others. But laws are about governing and they must find a way to bridge moral positions among the religions, the people, the organizations, and any one else that has a moral opinion. Whether we are talking about theft and cutting off hands of thieves or about stoning women adulterers or about shooting abortion providers, the law must establish itself as being just for all and not for one or some. If what one sect, religion, political party, or bowling team believes becomes the force of law over another person’s behavior then it is oppressive. If the law does not bridge the morality of everyone in a reasonable fashion then there are consequences within the society. It will become lawless instead of lawful.
      And I wish to point out that there are pregnancies outside the womb that can have fatal consequences if abortion does not occur. God may be perfect but he created an imperfect being that all of us have to live with. Until He returns, governmental law must bridge the moral convictions of people in a reasonable manner not an oppressive one.

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