E-Verify: Federal approval to get a job?

“If E-Verify becomes mandatory, the result will be that you will essentially have to get cleared with a government right-to-work list before you can start a job. And that’s a huge change,” Calabrese says.

E-Verify is a government-operated database of everyone legally permitted to work in the United States. It is currently used by hundreds of thousands of employers to check the status of their workers.

My own view is that you do not need to be an American citizen to have a job. It is not up to businesses to determine if you are federally qualified to work in this country. It’s also not up to you to prove anything.  Change America so that people wish to become citizens.

Watch the video from Reason TV and tell me what you think.

Author: Reasonable Citizen

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2 thoughts on “E-Verify: Federal approval to get a job?”

  1. So you say above that you do not think you should have to be an American citizen to have the right to work in this country. I would like to point out, that in this country right now…this already exists. As a manager who has been filling out I9’s for over 20 years, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A CITIZEN. There are other documents besides a driver’s license and social security card that are acceptable forms of ID to prove you have the right to work in the US.
    You also say that you don’t believe you should have to prove anything to your employer. Does this mean you do not agree with the current system of the I9 that we use now? Why do we have it in the first place?
    While I agree that E-verify has some scary implications to possible future uses, I’m not sure if I agree with you whether or not we should have to prove that we are legally allowed to work. The I9 document has been ingrained in my job so well, I can tell you that for every mistake on the form….it is a $500 fine per mistake per form. ( if you get audited by the govt, that is)
    I may think on this a bit more, and comment again.

  2. Yes, i know that you are not required to be a citizen to have a job. There are some who think you should prove your legal status before having one though. I think that it is not the responsibility of an employer to determine your immigration status and it is not the job of the federal government to maintain a database for a company to check you out to see if you are legit.

    #1. There should be valid and sound reasons for foreigners to become American citizens. If they are illegal now and qualify for everything that an American citizen is qualified for, then where is the incentive? We need to differentiate between legal and illegal when it comes to qualifying for college, grants, food, shelter, clothing, education, child rearing, taxes, etc.
    #2 It is appropriate to document to the federal government that you are an American citizen and qualify for a tax discount.
    #3 It is appropriate to institute an annual foreign census to be conducted at federal buildings in the US.
    #4 It is appropriate to institute a federal driver’s license for foreigners for nationwide travel that serves as a Federal ID. States may also offer foreign drivers licenses marked as such but valid in their state only.

    There are many things that can be done that increases the value to become a citizen. We should do them.

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