Are criminals to become a protected class?

No worries here about America becoming socialist or communist. Nobody is equal in America anymore. The trend in America is to be protected from discrimination. Even criminals are angling for legal protection. No one is equal when every band of idiots obtains special permission to be exempted from something

Marion Barry (ex-mayor of Washington DC caught buying drugs in  1990) is one of many people trying to make it illegal for an employer to discriminate against applicants with a criminal history. Imagine that. An ex-con seeking the same protected status as those who fight race and gender discrimination; the same protected status as those who fight religious discrimination and age discrimination. Criminals, says Mr. Barry, are discriminated against because of their criminal records. “In America, it is wrong,” he says. What planet is this guy from?

America is taking this to the extreme: We no longer suffer the consequences of our actions because somebody’s going to protect us. At least that is what Mr. Barry thinks and aspires to do for criminals like himself.

We have a kakistocracy today. A government of lesser men -or unprincipled men. Did you know that this drug-buying ex-mayor now serves on the DC city council? The Democrat voting machine found a place to put him where he does not have to work for a living and he can get a paycheck. There are ‘citizen maroons’ in DC for certain.

The Democrats have fallen off the deep end. In NJ, a Democrat woman assemblymen (perhaps she is an assemblyperson but who really cares if she is offended) submitted a similar bill. Public and private employers cannot discriminate because you are a felon. I wonder if this means that every business now has to have a token sex-offender, thief, or druggie or else they will be sued for ‘criminal’ prejudice.

How wise is Marion Barry? He says “I don’t expect a bank robber to be hired by a bank. That’s craziness.”  Does this mean that Marion Barry expects QwikTrip to hire a bank robber? How about a hotel cleaning service with all your valuables in a hotel room? Would you hire a bank robber any place where there is something that can be stolen? I wouldn’t. Where would you hire a druggie? A pharmacy? A hospital? How about a nursery? How about a wife beater or a person convicted of assault? Would you hire them as salespeople or customer service representatives? Marion Barry isn’t qualified to tell any company or any one who they should hire. Imagine all the places that Marion Barry would allow a rapist to work or try to imagine places that Mr. Barry would not allow rapists to work. What business could legally defend itself  if they refused to hire a rapist? None.

So what are you going to do about? Probably nothing because its DC and NJ, or maybe you are telling yourself ‘nothing cuz what can I do?’ Well you can send this post to the smartest person you know and ask them to send it to your congressmen. Send it to your grandfather and he will write a letter to the editor. Send it to your neighbor and ask him to do something . You know what you cannot do? You cannot sit on your butt anymore and expect other people to do your job. If you aren’t doing something to protect America every day then you are an American freeloader. You enjoy all the benefits of a liberal democracy (that is what we are) in a constitutional republic but you sit on your butt and do nothing to protect it.

You are the problem. If you aren’t willing to send a letter to the editor or tell your congressmen what is right or wrong then you are freeloading off America. Get your butt in gear and do something for America. Tell the bad guys to stuff it. Tell the silent to speak out. Tell those speaking out to tell the truth. Tell the truth tellers to let everyone know when the government is mucking it up.

Marion Barry is a druggie felon who is now trying to ruin America like he ruined DC and his reputation. What are you going to do about it….hmmm?