Ignorant Comment of the Day

Found on LinkedIn. re: discussion of Your 2013 Expectations for the Medical Device Industry

“Those who designed Obamacare have a basic premise —- across the entire scope of healthcare, slow down or stop technological advances and you will reduce the long term cost of health care. PERIOD. The tax on the medical device industry is a perfect example of this theory.”

Yup, that was it. More than 2,000 pages of healthcare law to do one thing: impact technology in healthcare. Sheesh, this guy is a bit myopic, yes?

Perhaps he should read more and he would know that the medical device industry was not the target of anything under ObamaCare except a revenue source.

Who is more sovereign: Wisconsin or the Ho-Chunk Nation?

Has anyone compared the sovereignty of  the state of Wisconsin  to the Ho-Chunk Nation’s sovereignty vis-a-vis  federal laws? Anyone out there with some background in this area?

Seems to me that Indian nations have established their sovereign rights more conclusively in the past 50 years than any state of the Union.  I understand that, as individuals and as government , the struggle for Indian civil rights has fallen short of the civil rights of black  Americans, often requiring special legislation to provide Indians the equality under law that blacks had already achieved.

What is the political and legal relationship between the state of Wisconsin and the Ho-Chunk Nation?

Can anyone jump in and give me a tutorial on whether the rights and freedoms of tribal nations exceed the rights and freedoms of the states?

For example, does ObamaCare apply to the Indian Nations? Can Congress compel citizens of the Indian nations to buy insurance? Does the penalty tax apply? How does the Indian Commerce Clause differ from the Interstate Commerce Clause  in this case?

If there is a resource in the ether that can help me understand how the Indian Nations and the state governments differ in the application of federal laws, please point the way….