Liberals are salivating about gun control in 2013

They don’t appear to care what gun control is enacted just that as much gun control legislation is accomplished as soon as possible.

Starting with President Obama today, the President assembled a task force to develop more gun controls at the federal level.

President Barack Obama vowed to press for tighter gun laws early next year, as he sought to turn national outrage over the Connecticut school massacre into action to ban assault weapons and ensure better background checks on gun buyers.

Obama held a White House news conference on Wednesday to announce that Vice President Joe Biden will lead an interagency effort to craft new gun policies. The group is expected to offer its proposals in January.

So the White House plans to craft new gun policies within 30 days. How much thought is going to go into that effort? The President says: “What we’re looking for here is a thoughtful approach that says we can preserve our Second Amendment, we can make sure that responsible gun owners are able to carry out their activities, but that we’re gonna actually be serious about the safety side of this,” Obama said.

Apparently only 30 days is needed for a thoughtful approach.

“…able to carry out their activities…” We are  not talking about activities, Mr. President. We are talking about rights that are enumerated in the Constitution.

The President has it right that violence controls should be enacted: Obama said he believed most Americans support the reinstatement of a ban on the sale of military-style assault weapons, barring the sale of high-capacity ammunition clips and a law requiring background checks on buyers before all gun purchases, to stop sales at gun shows without such checks. The last one has nothing to do with controlling gun violence and is an impediment to keeping and bearing firearms.

The first part is true enough. But there are other measures that will likely be proposed that will infringe upon the Second Amendment and create more federal control.

Allow me to speculate on how the President the Executive Branch in league with Congress will  increase federal control and restrict/inhibit your freedom to keep bear arms:

1. A federal mandatory waiting period for any firearm purchase (which exceeds the 48 hours handgun waiting period already in place in Wisconsin). I don’t know what he might recommend but I suspect that a 7-day waiting period would be placed on the table and then they would dare any one to argue against it.

2. Requiring states to record the sale of every gun in the United States including person-to-person sales.  Like the title to a car, every sale would have a title transfer take place. The President will avoid establishing federal registration but he will have Congress mandate that states perform this function under the Commerce Clause. The hue-and-cry for the past several years is that volumes of criminals with their valid firearm registrations could go to gun shows and purchase weapons for criminal activity. This is nut case thinking of the highest order. But a title transfer presents an opportunity to develop a database of gun owners who buy and sell weapons. This allows a traceability aspect on all weapons going forward and allows government database sharing that identifies those who have purchased several weapons in X amount of time. In an unconstitutional twist, gun owners would have a grace period to register all their current guns or face jail.

3. Mandatory FBI background checks for all gun purchases with an imposed fee to offset the cost. Not trusting state background checks, the President will seek federal or national background checks to ensure that no criminals could go from one state to another to purchase guns. By mandating that state registrations include proof of federal or national background checks, the federal government can sew this whole thing together.

4. Knowing how many and what types of guns any citizen may have, the federal government and state government will share that data for every address in the US and use a mapping program to show the demographic footprint of weapons in all areas. Because all of this data is required for registration and sale of weapons, it will have to be made available to the public. You and all the criminals in the area will know which homes and buildings have guns and which do not. If you don’t have a gun, you will become a more likely target for criminals.

5.  Because of item 4 above, police procedures will vary depending upon the gun map of your address. Less tolerance for upset citizens, and more arrests for bad behavior, will be the norm as police will seek to control the situation conclusively if weapons are known to be present.

6. Perhaps the President will recommend that ammunition purchases be limited to X amount of ammunition per gun type per month to allow you to “carry out your activities”. You may be able to up your quota of ammunition via Ammunition Quota Increase Request Forms which require a current background check  and explanation of why more bullets are needed.

7. Perhaps mandatory fire arm safety training will be required for every gun purchase and for gun title registration. Licensed gun dealers will be qualified to provide such training and re-certified annually. You, the gun owner, will be required to pay for this if you have less than five guns. If you have more than five, you will be exempted but you will have to prove how many you have and it will be compared to the database. You will have to explain any differences and pay the piper if you cannot.

8. No semi-automatic weapons will be sold unless the trigger mechanism cannot be changed to full automatic operation without destroying the weapon.

9. If it looks like a military weapon, perhaps it will be against the law to own it.

10. Perhaps the President will propose  a design modification which renders that any gun cannot be fully reloaded in less than six seconds. This will be proposed under the theory that if one crazy buzzard does go berserk, at least someone will have six seconds to stop him from further carnage.

11. Perhaps the President will propose that all gun owners obtain a mandatory mental health check-up every three years and you must provide a ‘certification of sanity’ for every gun purchase.

12. Perhaps the President will create the “FDA of the gun industry” and require that all new weapons have a plethora of hurdles to overcome before they are allowed to be sold. Those hurdles will be: limitations on the gun’s design, development of safety features, its intended purpose, its targeted market and its ammunition capacity. Over time, a Lethality Matrix will be developed and guns cannot exceed a specific Lethality Threshold to be marketed in the US. Foreign gun manufacturers will have to comply or be kicked out of the American market. Smuggling weapons into the US will become  a lucrative criminal operation as a result. And finally, the GUNFDA will morph its focus so that over time guns are just marginally effective as a defensive method.

I could probably come up with ten more creative ways to interfere with the right of a common man to keep and bear arms of the type and kind he might enjoy. ( Like all bullets are to be manufactured with your DNA embedded in them so that if they are used in a criminal or other activity, the authorities can track it back to you.)

I am speculating, of course, but think about this, the people who are compiling this list of gun control ideas for the President are not constitutional experts, not gun lovers, nor are they rural conservatives who believe that ReasonableCitizens can use and enjoy guns responsibly without government controls.

ReasonableCitizen predicts the following:

1. There will be two measures in the President’s plan that expand federal control of the gun industry through the commerce clause.

2. There will be at least one requirement imposed upon the individual states.

3. The cosmetic look of a weapon and its ability for rapid fire will be controlled in some fashion.

4. The amount of ammunition that a person can purchase in a given period of time will be monitored and reported to local police authorities.

5. Private sales of weapons will be controlled or documented in some fashion.

6. Nationwide background checks will be mandatory for all weapons purchases.

7. A tax or a fee will be imposed to pay for something that interferes with your constitutional right to bear arms.

8. Some type of mental health check-up or urine testing will be required  to demonstrate that you are not currently taking behavior controlling substances when you purchase a weapon.

In thirty days, we will learn if I know something about Congress and politicians and reactions to current events.

Nothing would make me happier than to see the President promote some milquetoast legislation as an oblation to the public. But this will not likely be the result.

Remember, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Legislation is a big hammer and everything about guns is now a nail.