Sometimes things are timeless

We forget about Teddy Roosevelt and what a presidential star he was. On April 27, 1918 Roosevelt declared “America is a Nation and not a mosaic of nationalities.”

“Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country.”

“English should be the only language taught or used in the primary schools. We should provide by law so that , after a reasonable interval, every newspaper in this country should be published in English.”

Roosevelt said over and over again “I do not believe in hyphenated Americans.”

Where do we find such men today? In their graves. We have a government of lesser men today.

He would be attacked today for his “not politically correct” views. Oh, if we only had such men freely speaking, we would have better government today.

Unfortunately, it has become culturally correct to say African-American, Mexican-American, etc.  Perhaps this is why there are so many illegals in the US. Without incentives for becoming Americans, the  unassimilated with the hyphenated loyalty, the person who sees himself as equal to all others also recognizes that he (or she) is not completely American but a reflection of an American. And when this truth is pointed out, he (or she) is incensed at being called out. But I ask “How can you be a full American when you describe yourself as partially something else”?

Open your arms, drop your old culture, and  embrace Americanism. You will be embraced by other Americans (and ReasonableCitizens) if you do.

It is good to honor your traditions, it is reasonable to recognize that your old culture has value that will honor America. However, failing to see yourself as fully American creates a distinctive image that you stand apart from other Americans. If we do not unite, a divided house cannot stand together. The enemies of America wish us to see our differences rather than our commonality. We must ever be on guard against factionalism.

Do not fly the flags of other nations if you are American unless the American flag is also flown and it is higher and larger. Think American. Think self-reliance, think personal choice, and think independently.